STAAR Corp strives to provide turn-key telecom services to our clients which ranges from private companies, municipalities and general contractors to engineering firms.

 We are a WBE / MBE certified company with a team that brings over 150 years of experience providing survey/engineering services, project management/QC services, OSP/ISP construction oversite services, and splicing/testing/closeout services.

STAAR Corp. stands for Stop Think Assess Articulate Respond and is the professional services and material distribution division that seeks out and sells the most advanced safety and telecom products in the industry.

Mission Statement:

STAAR Corp’s mission is to embrace diversity by loving, respecting, and serving our employees, subcontractors, customers, and partners as we provide the most technologically advanced and client-centered approach to construction oversite and professional services in the telecommunications market.

We are committed to: 

  • Excellence and innovation in providing the safest utility construction oversite and maintenance services with environmental consideration.

  • Leading by example to ensure success with integrity, diversity, and respect as our foundation.

  • Delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and profitable projects on schedule.

  • Employing and supporting motivated, professional, and focused individuals committed to a solid team-based work ethic.

  • Remaining good stewards and giving back to the community by supporting charitable and worthwhile causes.



Veronica Rebar


Veronica serves as President and is responsible for the day-to-day as well as long term decisions of the company. She focuses on all matters of management, finances, contracts, policy, and operations of the company. Veronica also translates the company's vision and strategies into action plans that describe the activities employees perform in order to carry out the master plan and achieve the vision.
Veronica brings a hands-on approach to leading the company into the future with over 14 years of office, management, financial, administrative, sales, and marketing experience. She possesses over 4 years of field and management experience in the utility construction industry. Veronica brings open-mindedness to listen to her employees, clients, and subcontractors, analyzes their input, and quickly acts on the information. This helps her to develop process improvements, which streamlines the company and continues to move it in the right direction.
A short list of her experience includes: Scope of work review, estimating, and proposal creation. Contract development, review, and negotiation. Overseeing project management software and creating interactive redlines. Financial/cash flow planning, invoicing/payables, insurance coverage/audits, and tax filing. Internal environmental, safety, and drug screening procedures. Material procurement, inventory, and distribution.

Damian Ramirez


Damian serves as CEO and is responsible for working with the President to develop the vision and strategy of the company through the creation of short and long-term plans. He assists in selling products and services to clients by participating in sales meetings/presentations, obtaining customer feedback, and helps to grow key customer relationships.
Damian brings over 32 years of expertise in the fiber optic, low-voltage, and substation construction industries to STAAR Corp. Through our project management division, Damian assures our customer’s field technicians deliver the safest and most superior product available. A short list of his experience includes: Project consulting, walkouts and field engineering to determine least cost construction methods, create BOM, and route design for fiber optic & coax systems. Work with Estimator to prepare bids & client presentations. Manage and motivate field labor to achieve production goals. Ensure crews have the appropriate equipment and materials to execute projects. Expertise in system new builds, upgrades, MDU, storm damage reconstruction, and SDU/Home installation. • Balancing of Nodes and Amplifiers for cable TV providers. • Placement of fiber (ADSS, Self-support, Armored, and Unarmored. Aerial and Underground)..

Lorraine Guillen-Wentz

Regional Distribution Manager

Lorraine serves as Regional Distribution Manager. In her role, she executes the organization’s strategy relative to business and sales execution. Lorraine’s ability to win business is rooted on her ability to understand customer’s needs and business strategies while concurrently matching those needs and strategies with STAAR Corp technical offerings. Her strength lies in asking probing questions designed to build customer trust and good will.
Lorraine brings over 20 years of solid experience in developing customer relationships via leadership roles as diverse as campaign management, entrepreneurship linked to publishing and running her own sales agency organization dealing with a wide array of service offerings within the State of Indiana and Chicagoland. Lorraine’s experience has earned her a position at STAAR Corp as a Trusted Adviser both in the sales process as well as a business strategist. A short list of her experience includes: Project management experience relative to managing the sales process as a tool to cultivate long-term relationships between clients and the company. Work with organization’s leadership to help gather data toward the estimation and preparation of bids. Ability to understand markets to determine the fair value that STAAR Corp brings to its clients. Skilled as an advocate for both her company and client toward a fair and reasonable approach that ensures synergy between the two. Lorraine’s network throughout the State of Indiana has earned her a spot on several Board of Directors that have helped her ability to call on resources from top organizations to accomplish her goals.

Survey & Engineering

Project Management / QC

OSP/ISP Construction

Material Distribution

Corporate Headquarters / Mailing Address
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